How To Make Coffee With A Drip Coffee Maker – Infographic

Automatic drip coffee maker is the most popular brewing device. One of the reasons for its popularity is the unmatched convenience. The machine does almost everything for you, and if you follow the recipe, you can get a great cup.

Before diving into the recipe, I wanted to remind you a couple of things that are critical for preparing a great cup of joe. Firstly, you need a decent coffee maker, if you can’t afford a great one. Secondly, you need a good coffee grinder. This will ensure that brewing temperature and grind size are perfect.

Infographic describing step by step the automatic drip coffee brewing

Check the Full Drip Coffee Tutorial 

  1. Fill Reservoir Add 1 quart, (about 1 liter), water into the reservoir. I like to add exactly what I need for my batch.
  2. Measure Beans Measure on a scale 54 grams of beans to every 4 US legal cups, (not coffee cups). 4 cups = 1 quart. Always use fresh coffee beans.
  3. Grind Beans Grind freshly just before you brew. Grind size should be medium, (or drip if it’s marked on your grinder). Use a good grinder, so the grounds are uniformly crushed.
  4. Place Filter Place the filter in the brewing basket, paper or permanent filter. Paper filters give you clear coffee, permanent filters give you a strong cup, much like a French press.
  5. Warm the Machine Up Turn on the machine to run a short blind brewing cycle. On cheap machines, this warms up the heating element properly. Turn the machine off and refill the reservoir to the 1-quart mark.
  6. Add Coffee Dump the coffee grounds in the brewing basket. Try to level the grounds.
  7. Brew It Turn on the machine and let the brew cycle to finish. The brewing time is dictated by the grind size.
  8. Serve It Pour into cups and enjoy hot.

This brief guide is meant to start you in the right direction. Great coffee though, needs a little more attention and it’s almost a science. Check this comprehensive automatic drip tutorial.