Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee – Infographic

A warm weather treat, iced coffee is the choice of caffeination during the summer days. However, there’s one rival in the coffee shop that threatens to take over ice coffee’s reign over the hot months: Cold Brew.

In many’s minds they are both the same, but let me tell you: they are not. They don’t taste the same, they are not prepared the same, they don’t feel the same in your stomach, and even the caffeine kick is slightly different. We created this infographic that shows how the two are different.

Cold Brew Vs Iced Coffee Infographic

In conclusion, the two coffee drink are completely different, unless you make your iced coffee with cold brew. In which case they are one and the same: a Cold Brew Iced Coffee. Anyway, if you need to know more about the difference between the two, check our other article on Iced Coffee vs Cold brew here.